Aside from determining fine garments and dresses for your wedding, it is also important to put a high priority on wedding venue during the planning stage of your wedding. You would surely feel glad about having a perfect venue for your wedding. Saying "I do" is indeed very important for you so you have to choose the perfect wedding venue according to your preference.


If you are planning to hold the reception in the same place where you conduct the ceremonies, then you can do so. But, you can only successfully conduct the wedding there if the venue has a license to operate any legally binding ceremonies. You can simply get an access about licensed Long Island Wedding Venues on the council's website. Though you will only be facing a limited number of options, what is important is your convenience during the conduct of wedding ceremonies and serving the guests during reception. You may also decide to have your wedding ceremonies held at the registry office or simply at the church.


It is important somehow to save a list of people to attend your wedding during the selection of the venue because it will help you a lot choose the right space. If you invite many people in your wedding, you would have a hard time accommodating them if the venue has a limited space so you really have to think about their number beforehand so you can fix things before the ceremonies have to take place. Never forget to categorize your guest as to those who need to attend the ceremonies, those who want to appear in the reception, and those who like to stay during the evening reception. The venues are really serving wedding breakfast but counting the number of people present in the vicinity so you have to prepare a big amount of money just to pay the owner. Somehow, you can save a big amount of money when you keep your guests in your company during evening reception.



You can also take the hometown of the girl as your venue for the wedding. You can easily invite guests to be present on the wedding day because they know already where to go. Somehow, you would also love to conduct the wedding ceremonies outside the country and treat your guests for a tour after the wedding. Just remember to treat the guests who were absent during your wedding day when you return. Hence, you can wear your wedding costume again for that purpose. Continue here if you’re planning on getting married in Long island.